Cryptid/Legendary Creature

Large, hairy, humanlike creature. Alleged photographs and filmings have contributed to the legend

I was wondering if you had complications like cryptozoology. It's not a normal interest, and I, myself is often judged by this fact. Most notedly: we're your parents supportive of this interest? Or asked about it?

They’re completely interested in it. I tell them all kinds of facts and theories and they love it, because I know so much about it. My mom likes to crack jokes sometimes, but I mean that’s a parent for you. I did get laughed at when I did my senior project in high school for cryptozoology. But I got the highest grade in the class and my teacher made sure everyone heard that I did. 


Loch Ness Monster

Cryptid/Legendary Creature

Aquatic monster said to inhabit Loch Ness. Though it’s description varies it is said to resemble a plesiosaur

How seriously do you think that big primate scientists take the potential prospect of the existence of bigfoot and all of their variants?

I think it depends on the scientist. I remember Jane Goodall saying she wasn’t sure if she believed in the evidence, but she wanted them to be real.

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[Random person claiming they have the best proof of bigfoot’s existence ever and it’s undeniable that it’s now real.]

[Picture is a black blob in a forest.]

"Absolutely undeniable proof."


Sunsets and sunrises seen from the International Space Station.